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How to get rid of moss, mould, lichen and gunge with ease and no effort.

Hi there, my name is Ian Harrison and I am the owner of H7 Cleaning Supplies Ltd.  As one of New Zealands Leading Online Cleaning Supply Companies (and a family owned business) we are also specialists and experts in providing products and services in moss removal from driveways and roofs including lichen removal and mould removal from around your home or workplace.

This website is designed to help you with any moss and mould issue you may have and provide valuable free information for most situations we have encountered over our many years in business as moss experts.

If you wish to order our Spray and Away products to clean away moss, mould, lichen, mildew, green slime and general gunge click this LINK and you will be taken to our Website where we have secure online internet ordering.
Or you can phone me on 0800 282538

Need Spraying Done For You? Phone us and we can organise a quote for you from our professional contractor.

Waikato Distributor - RIDS Contracting Ltd
Ph 0800 89 41 66

How Do I Get Rid Of Lichen On My Roof

How Do I Get Mould Off My Driveway


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