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Moss and mould on  a driveway is slippery, and can be very dangerous for elderly folk and indeed anybody both young and old

Cleaning up a driveway is difficult and we see many people using prodcuts such as soap powder, bleach and numerous other products that are ineffective long term, dangerous to use and all in all making the job more difficult than it needs to be.

Simply by using Spray & Away on an annual basis will keep the moss and mould at bay.
Damp areas with no sun may need to be sprayed more than once a year. There's no way around this. These areas are breeding grounds for moss spores.

How to get rid of moss, mould and lichen from your driveway click here for the correct product

(Here is an example of a concrete driveway after 8 weeks from being sprayed. The black
mould has noticeably gone.)

If your driveway, pavers or cobblestones have a mix of weeds, moss and black mould here's the best way to handle this.
Spray the whole area with a weedkiller first. Leave for 2 weeks with a hardware store poison.
Then spray your Spray & Away moss & mould killer. The Spray & Away will kill off any remaining weeds in their weakened state.
Don't mix the Spray & Away and weedkiller together. This alters the chemical structure and the treatment isn't as effective. Some advertise this as the so called EASY way but you are making the moss and mould killer less effective.

If you are just spraying moss and no weeds, dilute at 5 parts water to 1 part Spray & Away and go for it.
(Don't forget safety mask) 
Rinse the "loved plants" first and then rinse off any overspray when finished.
Give the heavy 'mossed' up areas a good wetting so the chemical gets down to the roots.
Cover the whole driveway to kill all the lurking spores.
Keep the pets off until the first spray has dried.
The next day you will see the moss browning off. Then its just a matter of the rain washing it away.
Black mould can take 12 - 16 weeks to start showing good results. So patience is needed.
Don't forget to rinse out the sprayer.
Spray & Away has no shelf life so you can stoe away from children until next year.

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